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Peterson Real Fyre 12 inch logs
Peterson Real Fyre 12 inch logs

Peterson 12 inch Gas Logs

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12" Peterson Gas Logs for very small fireplaces SKP-26 is Required
Part Number: 353
SPK-26 is Required with Purchase

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If you have a very small fireplace and prefer a log style gas fire rather than a gas coal fire, these 12" wide VENTED PETERSON gas logs will fit the bill! The gas log set includes the ceramic gas logs in "Designer Golden Oak" style; glowing embers; sand (natural gas) or Vermiculite (LP gas); connector kit, damper clamp, variable MANUAL safety pilot valve and the steel grate.

Vented gas logs will not produce substantial heat. This appliance is rated as a DECORATIVE appliance. Because your fireplace damper must be either removed or permanently cracked open, the heat produced will be drawn up the chimney, just like it is when burning wood in an open fireplace. Vented gas logs are designed to simulate wood burning in a fireplace while providing exceptional convenience: no wood to tote, no ashes to clean; instant fire at the turn of a button.

* A remote control isn't practical for this size log set because a different valve would be necessary that would require a much larger fireplace opening*

Minimum Fireplace Dimensions:
15" wide at the front, 9-1/2 depth.

This small gas log set has 25,000 btu input and is RADCO approved.

WARRANTY: Vented Decorative Gas Appliance Limited Warranty. All Peterson gas logs are warranted for as long as you own them (lifetime). All Peterson burner assemblies are warranted for ten (10) years.

NOTE: Vented gas logs can only be installed into a functional fireplace with a chimney in good operating order. The chimney must be lined to be suitable for use with gas logs. If the chimney smokes when you burn wood, then please be aware that vented gas logs are not a suitable choice, as this could bring fumes (including carbon monoxide) and soot into your home. Please address any fireplace or chimney issues before installing vented gas logs!


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