Small English & Victorian Gas and Electric Fireplaces, Mantels & Accessories

Small fireplace? Victorian Fireplace Shop offers the small gas and electric fires that will fit your fireplace and look fabulous.

Victorian Fireplace Shop specializes in products for small gas fireplaces, especially the old coal fireplaces that are so hard to fit. Whether you're looking for a decorative gas burner or a high-efficiency gas coal insert, we've got just what you've been looking for! 

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We're the local Richmond, Virginia fireplace store that also ships nationwide. Devoted to the renovation, restoration and repurposing of small coal fireplaces in historic Victorian, Art Nouveau, and American Craftsman style homes across America, Victorian Fireplace Shop has exactly what you've been looking for. Call today for expert advice on what will fit perfectly and look fabulous! Our best sellers are the Windsor Gas Insert, President Gas Insert, Senator Gas Insert and of course our Gas Coal Baskets.