Quarter Tiles



We have created several tile surrounds for display in our showroom. Using historic methods as our guide, we construct metal pans, lined with cement board (Ultra Board,  Hardibacker) into which we lay the tile. We use a high temperature adhesive - high temp silicone works great for us - and lay the tiles tightly against each other in the pan. This way the tles are easy to lay, and all the materials are fireproof for use around the fireplace.


QUARTER TILES 1-1/2" x 6"

Quarter tiles are reproductions of the tiles popularly used on fireplaces in the 1880's to 1920's

If you're refurbishing your historic fireplace or installing a new fireplace and looking for a vintage style then these QUARTER TILES are the perfect choice.

To honor the a
ppeal of the antique originals, our quarter tiles are hand made to provide unique variations in each tile. Solid colors feature crackle glazed finishes and mottled tiles have dimples. "Irregular" sizes - slight variations in dimensions and thickness - are part of the design technique and should not be considered an imperfection in the tile.

Quarter tiles are $6 each and available in a variety
of colors.

To help with planning your project, there are 16 tiles per square foot.


The next day, allowing for the adhesive to set up properly, we can attach the tiled surround to the face of the fireplace. We design the pans to be approximately 3-4 inches larger than the mantel opening, as the mantel will overlay the outer edges. This also means that the tiles laid in the outer edges of the pan don't have to be perfect in cut and size. Using this method, no grout is needed for a tiled fireplace facing and the result rewards you with a great vintage look.