Mantel Scarves



Hi Mike,
I received my beautiful mantel scarf.  It makes the room look completely different.  It's so much more homey...  It really brings out the cherry wood color of the mantel.  My husband walked in, and said wow, that looks great.  That made me so happy.  Thank you for making such a beautiful scarf. Take care. -Aimee'

A mantel scarf can instantly change the mood and decor of your room. Lacy mantel scarves are a perfect way to lend a light and airy feel in the warm months. If you're lucky enough to have a fireplace in your dining room, then coordinating the mantel scarf to the drapes, curtain sheers and table linens offers a formal feel to any meal. We also offer a nice selection of holiday styles to dress up your mantel for any season when friends and family gather in your home.

Got nicks on your antique mantel shelf? Cover up any flaws just by adding a mantel scarf!




 The mantel scarf is laid across the mantel shelf and centered, then the outer edges are allowed to gracefully drape over the sides of the shelf. The flat side lays against the back of the shelf so the decorative scalloping edges drape towards the room.

Our mantel scarves are made in the USA and easily cared for. Machine wash cold, gentle.Do not bleach. Lay flat or hang to dry. Touch up with cool iron if desired.