Glass Fireplace Doors

Glass doors provide several safety and efficiency benefits for your fireplace. If you're a woodburner, you can close the doors as the fire is dying down at night and go to bed knowing your home is safe from escaping sparks while you're sleeping. You'll also not have to wake up to a freezing home due to your heat escaping up the chimney overnight.

Glass doors are highly recommended if you're burning vented gas logs. Since the damper must be disabled open, there's nothing to stop heat loss up the chimney while the logs are not in use. Keeping the doors closed while there's no fire going performs the same function as the damper, keeping your warm air inside.

We offer stock size glass doors as well as custom built models. If you can dream it, we can design it and have it made to your exact specifications.

Orig. Price: From $675.00

Sale Price: From $605.00