Gas Service & Maintenance


Gas logs and gas fireplaces do need some regular maintenance in order to work at their optimum beauty and efficiency. Of course, the best time to do this is in the spring and summer when they're not in use so that you're ready when the first cool evenings arrive in autumn.

The vast majority of service problems with gas hearth appliances can be prevented or solved by a simple cleaning! Gas fireplaces are designed to burn with a yellow flame for realism and this effect is achieved by injecting a little extra oxygen into the burner system. Yellow flames do cause small amounts of soot or carbon, and this clean lead to poor ignition, delayed lighting, "poofing" noises when lit, low flame height and more.

Our in-season price for an Annual Gas Fireplace Maintenance Service is $229.
From April 1 to August 1 the off-season price  is $189 - a $40 savings.





Here's what's included:


    Summer Reminder!

    Remove the batteries from both your remote control AND your appliance so they won't corrode over the summer and damage your remote control.

    Check batteries
  • Test total voltage at receiver box
  • Check all gas connections for leaks
  • Clean/vac any lint and dust build-up around valve and controls
  • Inspect for signs of wear or damage to controls
  • Inspect & clean any air intake or convective hot air outlet grills/louvers
  • Remove fuel media; clean lint & carbon build-up from firebox, burner & fuel bed
  • Reinstall fuel bed to factory specs
  • Fine tune for optimal flame appearance & fuel efficiency
  • Clean glass of any soot buildup
  • Inspect window gaskets
  • Inspect vent system for blockages and proper drafting
  • Check thermocouple, thermopile
  • Perform thermocouple dropout test
  • Check inlet pressure
  • Check manifold pressure
  • Check safety clearances
  • Review lighting procedures & operation of valves & remote controls
  • Check for barrier screen
  • Check pressure relief valve
  • Replace sand, vermiculite and/or burning embers as needed