Gas Logs

Instant fire at the touch of a button!

Convert your fireplace to a clean burning, easy-to-light fireplace that looks just like a real wood fire.



RH PETERSON is the country's oldest, best-known name in the gas log business.

Here in Richmond, we regularly see Peterson logs installed in the 1950's and 1960's that are still in use. If you'd like a warm and cozy fire without the hassle of toting and lighting firewood, Peterson's REAL-FYRE gas logs offer you the greatest variety of designs - and designer options - that you'll find anywhere!

gas logs in a brick fireplaceHow do they make these logs so realistic?
Start with real wood logs! Peterson's designers gather real wood logs and branches from several species of wood, then make a mold to exactly duplicate natural firewood. Real fires are built, and charred pieces are saved for careful reproduction, too. REAL-FYRE  logs are made from a high quality, heavy-duty ceramic, reinforced with steel rods. They're designed to look great out of the box and to last for years and years without chipping or breaking.

Gas logs were designed back in the 1950's as a means of having a beautiful fire in an open fireplace without all the trouble of toting in firewood, struggling to light the wood and cleaning out ashes. Just like you wouldn't try and heat your home with a wood fire, gas logs won't do the job either. But they look pretty awesome and will save you hours of work and cleanup. If you have to buy firewood yet have natural gas service to your home, you'll likely find out that gas is actually less expensive than buying firewood!

These are VENTED GAS LOGS and must be installed only into a functioning, wood burning fireplace with a lined chimney. Vented gas logs produce soot and dangerous fumes and must be properly vented. Minimum chimney size is 8" round, but the chimney area must be suitably sized for the fireplace opening. If your fireplace does not draft properly, suffers from sooting or smoking problems then it is not safe to install gas logs until these chimney performance issues are remedied! 
Your fireplace damper, if one exists, must be removed or permanently clamped open upon installation; therefore we recommend installation of glass fireplace doors to help prevent heat loss when the gas logs are not in operation. VENTED GAS LOGS are a decorative product and are not designed to provide substantial heat. Check local building codes for further details and requirements prior to purchase - installation of decorative gas logs are not approved in a few communities.

Fireplace too small for gas logs?


Tiny 12 Peterson 12 inch Gas Logs Richmond Coal Basket with Gas Logs  
Tiny 12" Gas Logs Peterson 12" Gas Logs 19" Basket Grate  
Peterson 18 Evergreen Deluxe Vented Gas Logs in 18 Gas Log Accessories  
Peterson G46 
6 styles in 18", 24", 30"
NEW! Peterson Evergreen
2 styles in 18", 24", 30"
Gas Log Accessories
for Vented Logs