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Q1 Gas Insert

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sall gas insert with coal fire



Direct Vent Gas Fireplace Insert
Smaller size to fit small fireplaces 
Choice of Glass, Wood or Coal Effect Gas Fire

Clean, Contemporary Front


The Q1 gas insert is designed to fit into very small fireplaces like the coal fireplaces that are taller than they are wide,  found in historic homes from the 1880's to 1930's. The contemporary stye front enhances your fireplace while providing exceptional heating efficiency. Enjoy the charm and architecture of your old house without it feeling "old fashioned".

this cat loves his gas fireplace insertA hand-held thermostat remote control keeps the room comfortable by modulating the flame to maintain a consistent warmth, rather than turning the burner on & off,a feature offering greater efficiency than other fireplace inserts on the market.

Set back from the decorative front so it's unobtrusive, the glass window prevents your warm air from being exhausted out of the chimney, keeping the room cozy. Two 3" diameter chimney liners are installed; one brings combustion air from outdoors, while the other liner exhausts the fumes. This offers the ultimate in fireplace efficiency and safety.

SELECT YOUR FIRE STYLE: Coal, Logs or Glass 
gas coal insert small gas log insert small gas insert with glass fire  
Coal Logs Glass  








-small direct vent gas log insertTraditional log or coal effect gas fire with brick firebox liner or contemporary glass fire with reflective black firebox linercreates an inviting fire that is also an effective and adjustable source of radiant heat.
-Direct Vent technology with glass window

-Includes child safety screen
-Top Venting
- Fits very small fireplaces!
-Clean face contemporary front makes the fire the focal point of your room

-Includes 150 CFM blower to circulate heat
-Includes multifunction HAND HELD REMOTE CONTROL: adjust flame
height, adjust heat output and control the blower
- Ignition is achieved electronically using a 9V battery, eliminating the need for a standing pilot.
- CSA approved
- Approved for venting vertically up to 40' (minimum 8')
- Includes dual 3" aluminum chimney liner system with chimney cap (pictured left)
- Fan kit is included
- A variety of trim panels are available.


Because of the unobtrusive design of the top louvers, sometimes the Q1 insert can be used WITH your existing antique cast iron surround. Check the dimensions of your surround's opening and if it's larger than 20-1/4" wide and 28" tall then you may be able to keep the original appeal of your vintage fireplace while upgrading to a highly efficient gas heating system!


SELECT TRIM PANEL Select a trim to cover the fireplace opening Trimmable panels can be cut to fit  
Installation Manual
BTU input: 7,900 - 20,000
Efficiency:  79%
Approval: CSA
Fuel:  LP or Natural Gas
Fits Minimum Fireplace Dimensions :
20-1/2 Width
27 1/2" Height
14-1/2" Depth
Front View Side View Top View  


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small gas insert showing glass fire option        
small gas insert with log effect fire