gas inserts

Gas Inserts

High Efficiency "stoves" that insert into an existing fireplace for conversion to a beautiful and efficient source of heat. Vintage styles are our specialty!

gas coal insert


A GAS INSERT is a stove that inserts into an existing fireplace, offering a conversion from an open hole in the wall where heat escapes the house into a powerful heating source. Even our direct vent small gas inserts can heat 800-1200 sq. ft. - several rooms in the average home. Larger models can heat up to 2000 sq. ft or more.

chimney with aluminum chimney linersA gas insert converts your fireplace into a powerful heating source.  An open burning fireplace is the least efficient way to enjoy a fire in your home. With the open damper and large fireplace opening, an open fireplace uses conditioned (preheated) room air to provide combustion to the fire, and the existing large chimney (often 12" x 12" or larger) sucks away the heat produced by the fire at a faster rate than it can be recovered for usable heat in the home. Therefore, most open burning fireplaces (no matter the fuel, wood or gas) are 10% to minus 10% efficient - you're often sending more heat up the chimney than you're gaining in the room when burning an open fire!




Gas INSERTS are designed to be installed into a masonry or approved "zero clearance" metal fireplace. Gas inserts include aluminum chimney liners that extend from the insert to the top of the chimney so the condition of the masonry chimney is practically irrelevent so long as the passageway is open to allow installation of the liners and the chimney is structurally sound. WHAT THIS MEANS is that a fireplace or chimney that's not in great shape due to a chimney fire, settling, age and deterioration may be brought back to life simply by installing a gas insert with a suitable chimney lining system. There's even a way to install an insert even if the chimney is blocked, has been torn down to the attic, etc. Please call us if you have any questions.


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