President Gas Fireplace

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The President is a small Parlor style gas fireplace designed to enhance the style of historic homes. The front incorporates a fanlight design that debuted in London in the 1700's and was adopted into popularity in the US thereafter. The Victorians embraced this architectural element on both continents. So whether your home is Colonial, Edwardian or Victorian - either by the home's age or its design - the President brings true historic style to your fireplace while providing exceptional heating efficiency.

What could be better than adding a warm and inviting fire with a true vintage style to your historic home? Let's throw in some other great benefits, like state-of-the art components, thermostatic operation, zoneheating capabilities, energy savings and the ability to heat a generous portion of your home during a power outage!

A thermostat remote is included, and keeps the room comfortable by modulating the flame to maintain a consistent warmth, rather than simply turning the burner on & off, a feature offering greater efficiency than other fireplaces on the market.
Set back from the decorative front so it's unobtrusive, the glass window prevents your warm air inside from escaping through the vent to keep the room cozy. Uses dual "direct vent" venting system; one brings combustion air from outdoors, while the other chamber exhausts the fumes. This offers the ultimate in fireplace efficiency and safety. This venting system also offers versatile installations into virtually any room, as the venting can run horizontally through an exterior wall, or in a standard vertical configuration.  


FEATURES-Beautiful coal, stone or log effect gas fires which are also effective and adjustable sources of radiant heat.
-Direct Vent technology with glass window
-Top or Rear Venting for ultimate versatility of installation - reversible flue collar.
-Authentic cast iron design in black finish
-Includes multifunction HAND HELD REMOTE CONTROL: adjust flame
height, adjust heat output, set timer to cut your fire on just before you get home from work - a true welcome home!
- Reversible interior panels provide your choice of aged brick or black fluted styles
- Ignition is achieved electronically using a 9V battery, eliminating the need for a standing pilot.
- Complies with California and New York energy codes; also approved in Massachusetts.
- Approved for venting vertically up to 40' vertically, horizontally through a wall, or certain combinations of up and out venting
- Optional fan kit available
- Choose Log, Coal or Stone Effect Fire

Price includes horizontal vent kit through the wall; other venting kits also available


Kingston Mantel

Barrington Mantel


These CABINET MANTELS can be used to house the fireplace when it's installed against an exterior wall (with rear venting). This takes away the need to frame into the room and makes for a neat and speedy installation.

These models are specially sized to fit this fireplace and take up minimal space in your room
Kingston Mantel

Customize your SENATOR insert with your choice of log, coal or stone effect fire.
Shipping $238 Coal Logs Stones SHEFFIELD 37" x 37" Cast
Iron Trim Panel add $798


BTU input: 6,000 to 20,500
Efficiency:  74.4%-76.9%
Fuel:  LP or Natural Gas
    Installation Manual

Front Dimensions   Framing Plate     Side View Top View
Corner Clearances   Framing Specs     Mantel Clearances  

There are more than 40 possible venting configurations for this model. Here are highlights of the most often used methods. For more details please refer to the Installation Manual. CLICK ANY IMAGE TO ENLARGE.

Horizontal, Straight Out
(this kit is included in pricing)
  Corner with 
Horizontal Vent
    Horizontal Vent
Termination Locations
Vertical / Horizontal
  Vertical Rise on
Combination Venting
    Vertical through roof  








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Windsor gas fireplace with Cheladon marble mantel  
Barrington Mantel Kingston Mantel Lincoln Mantel Riversdale Wood Mantel  
Perth Cast Iron Mantel