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Legacy Gas Coal Basket

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Prod. Code: Legacy-Gas


cast iron coal basket


This small 19" wide coal basket grate is suitable for very small, coal-burning size fireplaces. Includes coal effect gas burner with electronic ignition and remote control

Painted black finish with brass finials and a fleur-de-lys emblem on the rear fireback. Removable ash cover hides the ashes that fall below, or hides the controls on the gas coal burner.

19" wide
11" deep
18" tall

This is a vented gas product. It MUST be installed into a functioning wood burning fireplace with a lined chimney. Minimum chimney size is 6" round. Your fireplace damper, if one exists, must be removed or permanently clamped open upon installation. If your chimney is damaged, unlined or doesn't already draft and vent properly when you burn wood in it, it is essential that the chimney performance and safety be upgraded prior to using any open burning vented gas product in your fireplace!