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Gas Coals & Gas Coal Baskets

The perfect answer for small fireplaces where gas logs can't fit

gas coals

  This is a vented gas product. It MUST be installed into a functioning wood burning fireplace with a lined chimney. Minimum chimney size is 6" round. Your fireplace damper, if one exists, must be removed or permanently clamped open upon installation. If your chimney is damaged, unlined or doesn't already draft and vent properly when you burn wood in it, it is essential that the chimney performance and safety be upgraded prior to using any open burning vented gas product in your fireplace!

A GAS COAL BASKET is the perfect answer for small fireplaces where gas logs can't fit. They are installed the same way, but use less gas, provide ceramic coals instead of logs, and offer a more decorative appeal for historic homes or homes with a period decor. When not burning, the decorative cast iron basket still looks great in your fireplace! A typical vented, natural gas log burner may consume 50,000 to 100,000 btu's of gas per hour because the burner is wider than our little coal burner, and the design is dependent upon a huge flame to "wow" you. Gas coal burners consume just 15,000 - 28,000 btu's of natural or LP gas.

How They Work
gas coal basketThe cast iron basket has no grate in the bottom. The gas coal burner is attached to the floor of the fireplace to secure it, then the basket is set in place over the burner. A removable ash cover provides access to the burner controls. By adding our optional remote control (included with some models) you won't even need to bend over and move the ash cover to operate it; turn your fire on/off  - and adjust the flame height - from anywhere in the room.

A Great Decorative Option
A vented gas coal basket is considered to be a DECORATIVE GAS FIRE. It is not going to be able to provide much heat because, like any opening burning fireplace, most of the heat rises right up the chimney. If you really want substantial heat in the room, please consider a gas insert.

Keep in mind that an open burning fireplace is the least efficient of all your choices. With the permanently open damper and large fireplace opening, an open fireplace uses conditioned (preheated) room air to provide combustion to the fire, and the chimney sucks away the heat produced by the fire, often at a faster rate than it can be recovered for usable heat in the home. Therefore, most open burning fireplaces (no matter the fuel -  wood, coal or gas) are 10% to minus 10% efficient - you're often sending more heat up the chimney than you're gaining in the room! We want to make sure that you're getting what you want in your fireplace. Gas coal baskets are not designed for efficiency, but only for their absolute beauty, gas fire convenience and historic appeal.

Installation Advantages

The valve controls on gas logs are most often located on the side of the burner; not only does this create a wider overall appliance, additional air space - generally about 3 inches from the side wall of the fireplace - must be provided so the valve doesn't become overheated. Continuouly overheated valves will eventually fry, resulting in a costly replacement. 
gas log valve

gas coals stay cool and fit small fireplacesBecause the valve and controls are located BELOW the burner on gas coals, the appliance is much smaller in width, and no space for air circulation is required. By locating the valve and controls beneath the burner pan, adequate circulating air is provided to keep these components cool. Additionally, gas coals use much less gas than gas log burners do, reducing both the heat produced by the burner and the amount of gas being consumed.

Coal effect gas fires are partcularly well suited for smaller fireplaces in historic homes where the small fireplaces were originally designed to burn coal and the firebox depth is a challenge to fit. The Victor gas coal burner fits into fireplaces as small as 6" deep.

what-is-a-fireplace-fretGot an even smaller fireplace, less than 7" deep?

We have an option for you, too! Use our Victor gas coal burner with a decorative "fret" to cover the front of our burner. You save space requirements by only needing enough depth for the burner to sit inside your fireplace, and the fret adds the decorative front adornment to finish off the look. We have a wide variety of frets, which is a decorative front that sits in front of the gas coal burner.


richmond gas coal basketSave on Gas Costs!
A gas coal fire uses about 1/3 as much gas as gas logs!

  • VICTOR gas coal burner is a vented model that requires a functional fireplace with a lined chimney that is suitable for use with wood.
  • BTU input 15,000 to 28,000; flame is adjustable
  • Safety Approvals: CSA
  • Bottom mounted controls stay cool to the touch and are hidden by ash covers on frets or baskets.
  • Remote control included with the electronic ignition burner; turn your fire on and off from the comfort of your chair.
  • Can be used in combination  for several uses with our various fireplace products: 

This gas burner is approved by CSA.