Fireplace Transformations - Lexington VA

This beautiful 1880's home has multiple fireplaces, but they've been redesigned for various uses over the years. The homeowners wanted to refurbish them and convert to gas. They tackled part of the projects themselves, removing some inappropriate tile but leaving exposed brick. Taking a design clue from the original slate hearths, we gave them inexpensive new metal faces, painted black to coordinate with the hearths.


The dining room fireplace was completely unusable and ready for a transformation. The fireplace opening was too large for the size of the chimney so it couldn't draw. The homeowners wanted an open burning gas fire in their dining room, which requires lining the chimney with materials that would support an open burning wood fireplace before converting to gas. As Mike got started with lining the chimney with stainless steel he confronted a chimney blockage within the bend where the flue wraps around the bedroom fireplace above. The problem with a blockage is you don't know if it's a couple of inches thick, or way worse. This was the worst Mike had ever encountered, consisting of a squirrel's nest 6 FEET deep. He had to remove the bricks from the upstairs fireplace to access the debris because it was way too severe to be cleaned out with a chimney brush. After cleaning, he re-bricked the side wall of the upstairs fireplace and installed the chimney liner. Because installing a chimney liner made the fireplace even smaller, the fireplace opening had to be reduced in size to draft properly. He reduced the fireplace size by installing new brick walls, then refaced the fireplace with a black metal panel which, after painting it black, looks great with the slate hearth and the antique fireplace surround removed from the office fireplace. He then installed a Victor gas coal burner in their antique basket grate.


Like the dining room fireplace, the fireplace opening in the office fireplace was too large for the chimney. This fireplace, like the others, was probably enlarged a hundred or so years ago for a wood stove to be installed. The cast iron surround installed here is not original to this fireplace, but it is an antique and Mike reused it in the dining room fireplace makeover.

Since the office was chilly in the winter, the homeowners wanted extra heat and the Senator gas insert will certainly keep them warm this winter! A new black metal faceplate pulls the look together so nicely in this room.





The Bar fireplace was in the same level of disrepair as the fireplaces above, with old structural brick work showing and an opening too large for the chimney. The chimney was lined with stainless steel, the antique cast iron surround was reinstalled, a black metal faceplate covers the old brick and the Victor gas coal burner installed in their antique grate provides a beautiful open fire.

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