Vent Free Coal Basket in Bedroom?

February 28, 2014 @ 5:52 AM

I thought I'd share this e-mail question and its answer because this topic comes up frequently.

"I have been searching for a gas coal fireplace insert which does not require a working flue.  I see that all of your coal baskets do require them.  My Victorian brick home has a coal grate in our bedroom.  The chimney does not have a damper, and I have blocked the flue since it draws a lot of warm air out of the room.  I have seen vent free gas log sets, but not simulated coal fires for such situations.  Is there some reason why vent free log sets are made but not coal?  Have I just not looked hard enough? Thank you for your help."

Hi Jay, I'm afraid we don't recommend vent-free products ...
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