Cast Iron Combinations

Very tiny mantels from the Victorian Era

Faux fireplace with a mirror in the opening and candles in front for an infinity flame effect


Cast Iron Combinations are very tiny mantels; essentially they are a cast iron fireplace surround with an attached mantel shelf.

In Victorian times cast iron combination mantels were often used to face a bedroom fireplace as they help so much to conserve space in the room. Still a warm idea, cast iron combinations can be used to:

  • Reface an existing small fireplace
  • Create a small gas fireplace
  • Create a small new electric fireplace
  • Create a faux fireplace





Cast iron combinations are very hard to come by in the US. Our stock is limited so if you see one you like, grab it quick!

Just like the antique originals, there are 4 "bosses" on the outer edge of the combination mantel. Using hardware appropriate for the type of wall you're attaching to, installation very simple.