Aluminum Chimney Liner


  • Used only on GAS appliances (aluminum WILL NOT withstand the byproducts of burning wood, coal, oil, pellets, etc.)
  • Used only INSIDE of an existing chimney, ie when installing a gas insert inside of a fireplace or inside of the chimney when connecting a freestanding gas stove to a wall thimble
  • Direct Vent kits will contain two liner sections; one is used to bring combustion air down the chimney and the other vents the fumes and moisture created by burning gas

Please note that aluminum liners ship coiled inside of a box and never look like you've received as much pipe as you have ordered. ALUMINUM LINERS STRETCH to the specified length. Two people should work together to stretch them, holding them firmly while slowly and somewhat gently walking apart. The liners are very durable, but can be torn if you're not careful.



Product Price
Dual 3" Aluminum Liner Kit, 35'